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14 September 2009


Good Medicine starts with a complete PHR. Until there is a comprehensive, widely accepted system individuals need to play a more active role in maintaining their records. They should not rely on insurers, employers, providers or the government to do this for them.

The idea behind the PHR (Personal Health Record) is that the more consumers know about their health, the more control they will take over it and the healthier they will be. PHRs also encourage consumers to collect and share more health-related information with each of their providers. It is estimated that technological innovations such as this in the health care industry could save more than $150 billion a year in medical expenses. For this reason, healthcare providers, employers, insurers, and the federal government are all interested in promoting PHRs.

There are affordable platforms that can help like:

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Using electronic health record, it will help reduce the cost of paper, printing and hiring someone to organize the files. It will also help make an office space be less consumed by files and filing cabinets.

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